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A New Outlook

SourceFM presents a series of features offering ways to nourish and enrich your life.

Each week we have a conversation with local practioners and people offering ideas of activities, both free and supported, which could allow you to put yourself and your wellbeing first.

This page allows you to select and listen to conversations that may interest you.

Millie Ewing - Wild Swimming

"Hi I'm Millie! We'll be having a chat about cold water swimming and the incredible affects it can have for your mind and body whilst also being able to gain amazing connections with a lovely community!"

Alena Pashnova - Ecstatic Dancing

"Hi, dancers!!! (No kidding, I truly believe that we are all dancers).
My name is Alena and I am a dance movement therapist and Ecstatic Dance event organizer. From my own experience and experiences of the people I work with, I know that regular dancing is extremely beneficial for our mental and physical health. And I am happily sharing with you some information on the subject in the following conversation"

Allannah Jackson - Nutrition Coach

Hi! I’m Allannah - I’m a nutrition coach, helping women to understand their unique feminine biology and use delicious, nourishing food and joyful lifestyle practices to support healthy menstrual cycles and promote optimal fertility. We’ll be having a chat about women’s health and how we can better care for our menstrual cycles with nutrition and lifestyle.

Daisy Peacock - Yoga Wellness Lifestyle

Hello I’m Daisy, I am a multi trained yoga teacher and founder of our wellness and yoga sanctuary, Tangmo located in the heart of Falmouth.
I am here to share the healing benefits of different styles of yoga and how it can build self esteem, resilience, confidence and awareness especially in teenagers and children.
I will also share the story behind the name of our studio Tangmo with you all.

David Maloy - Medical Cannabis (CBD)

Hi - I’m David, and in this episode I’m talking to Simon about how CBD can be therapeutically supportive for wellness, how it aids our internal endocannibinoid system (ECS). I have been working with CBD for five years, working with clients to support their ECS and optimise their health, and I’m really happy to be sharing more about this exciting area of wellness with you on the show today.

Website :

Helen Read - Funeral Celebrant

“Hi, I’m Helen.  I’m a funeral celebrant, author, grief coach, photographer, and spiritual explorer.  I produce and present a program on Source called Life … What Happens When We Die, my aim being to shed light on life, death, and life after death. Here, I’m talking about the funeral process, giving tips on how we can help ourselves whilst grieving the loss of a loved one and friend.” 

Lucinda Pimlott - Yoga & Meditation

Lucinda Pimlott is a yoga and well-being teacher.In this interview she talks about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, spirituality and how to choose a class which is good for you.

Lucy Hill - Creative and Well-being Practitioner

Lucie hill who is a creative and well-being practitioner who talks about the art of songwriting for connecting with one’s authentic self

Sara and Louise - Simply Well Being

Simply Wellbeing is a small Cornish business owned by two mums. Their aim is to provide a loving safe space for people to be able to slow down and reconnect to themselves. And help to create a more mindful way of life which we believe is available and achievable to everyone.

Instagram : @simplywellbeilg

Louise Cole
Sara Anderson

Bex Mantle - Positive Waves

Bex Mantle is an Instructor at Positive Waves, and also works for Women in Waves. To get to these positions, she has had an extraordinary journey.

Women+ Waves - (3) Facebook

Bex Mantle

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