Helen Read


A Funeral Celebrant for the last 16 years, Helen is passionate about her work in helping people navigate a path through their grief as they prepare to say goodbye to the physical presence of their loved one. And then to find peace and comfort for the road ahead through the expression of gratitude and love during the funeral service. Each service she writes is bespoke, because each of us are individuals with a unique story to tell.

Helen also has an ability to connect and work with the energetic field which surrounds us all, and it’s this, coupled with her studies over many years, which gives her a unique insight into the greatest adventure of all. Life.

Helen's Book

Everyone has a Life Story to tell. No matter whether you've lived a life in the spotlight or away from public gaze, your life is one of great significance to those who know and love you.
MY LAST WISHES is an easy to use book that allows you to record your memories, the milestones in your life, health and financial details as well as making your last wishes known in a sensitive way regarding plans for your funeral. By writing this information down in a dedicated book and letting your loved ones know where to locate it you'll be taking a great weight off their shoulders. You will be helping them through a very difficult period in their lives and you'll have left them an everlasting legacy.

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